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We are a woman-owned business specializing in ATM systems, transactions, service, and security. We are home-grown New Yorkers serving New York State. We believe in financially secure communities, supporting small businesses, and helping your customers access their cash when they need it.

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Who We Are

Boley Works began with one goal in mind - to support small business finance. The Co-founders Todd Boley and Lisa Decker, business partners who already established their first successful small business in 2010, the Boley Group, saw a growing financial need for their small business clients. Their clients were frustrated; paying finance charges whenever customers used non-cash payment options. They desperately wanted to get away from the fees but didn't have the time or resources to do so.


With the Boley Group's extensive IT and Security services background, Todd Boley and Lisa Decker stepped up to meet their clients' needs and thus Boley Works was founded in 2017. Boley Works is a financial retailer providing ATM machines along with management, support, and security of machines in New York State. Boley Works not only enables their merchants to step away from annoying finance charges but they are also able to do so in a technologically smart and secure way that will generate long-term passive revenue. To learn more about Todd, visit the Boley Group and to learn more about Lisa, visit Blaue Reiter Design.


We know you have many questions. Why partner with Boley Works? What's the installation process like? What benefits can I expect to gain from this? We can answer all of your questions to ensure that working with us is a smarter, more convenient, and safer choice. 

ATM Machines

Nautilus Hyosung 2700CE


Nautilus Hyosung


ATM Installation & Management

After Boley Works performs a site survey, approves the location, and comes to a terms agreement with the merchant, ATM selection, installation, and management can begin. For you as the merchant, this process is hassle-free and turnkey.


The terms agreement is a simple, single-page outlining the details of usage, access, and ownership, as well as onboarding/offboarding processes. Boley Works organizes and performs the installation whenever convenient for you. We purchase the ATMs brand new with only the latest technologies; they are all ADA compliant and ready for industry advancements spanning the next decade.


Having a technology and security background in the Boley Group, we are able to provide extra security from hack attempts that our competitors cannot. We also offer you technology services for your business and advanced security cameras at discounted rates. Our security systems are the same systems found in casinos. If there are any technical issues with the ATM, tech hardware, or cameras, we troubleshoot them.

We then monitor, manage, refill, and perform maintenance on the ATM when necessary. You simply promote ATM usage to your customers. 

Merchant Pay-outs

At the end of every month or quarter whichever you prefer, you will collect a check from us. How does this work?


When we set up a terms agreement with you, you receive a certain percentage of profits per transaction gained from the ATM. You choose your pay-out frequency and have regular access to your financial reports. Your percentage rate will meet or exceed the rates of our competitors. We also offer other incentives for signing on with us.


Boley Works takes a majority portion of profits to perform the installation, support, and management. We also own the ATM, therefore we are liable for everything involved with it. We pay you to be in the location. You have no stressful obligations to the management or maintenance of the ATM and it's of no cost to you. You save time and money leaving behind finance charges while gaining additional revenue from the ATM. 

Advertising Space

We give our merchants and other business owners the affordable opportunity to advertise among our ATMs in monthly increments. The rates are flat so there are no surprises or gimmicks and ads run in a non-stop rotation for the entire time that ATMs are accessible to customers.


What sets our advertising space apart from other ATM companies is that we utilize Boley Group's graphic design services to assist merchants and business owners with graphic materials needed. Boley Group is aware of the design requirements needed and can develop the ads for discounted prices. Boley Works places and manages the ads on the ATMs. Merchants and business owners have peace of mind ensuring that their ads are running and running correctly.

How does this partnership work?

We meet with you and set up a terms agreement. The terms agreement outlines usage, rights, ownership, on-boarding, and off-boarding. The merchant and Boley Works both sign off on the agreement. The first three months of usage in your location are probationary to determine if the site survey was accurate and the relationship between merchant and Boley Works is stable. As the added benefit of partnering with us, you gain access to discounted business services with the Boley Group and a bonus loyalty check at the end of the year for sticking around.


If the site location is unsafe, not generating enough revenue for the merchant and Boley Works, or in the unlikely event that the relationship has soured, Boley Works reserves the right to remove the ATM from the location at no cost to the merchant. There are no hard feelings and Boley Works will remain professional throughout the process. The Boley Group and Boley Works have very good, long-standing relationships with their clients and merchants.

Why partner with us?

Although Boley Works was found in 2017, Lisa Decker and Todd Boley have established an excellent reputation at Blaue Reiter Design and the Boley Group for dependable service, excellent customer care, and getting things done right and on time. There is no fuss, gimmicks, or guile. They are professionals; frequently exceeding client and merchant expectations. When partnering with Boley Works, you will get a brand new ATM, better returns, better security, and the opportunity for discounted business services. The cost savings and revenue generation that merchants can expect is significant.  

Is there are long-term contract?

No, the terms agreement is month to month! If the merchant wants the ATM removed, Boley Works coordinates a date and time to remove it. The merchant then receives payment for the last days that the ATM was in their location.

Who owns the products?

Boley Works owns the ATM and technology hardware that the Boley Group installed for free. However if the merchant purchases camera systems or services from the Boley Group, they own the cameras and service hardware regardless of the relationship between Boley Works or the Boley Group. 

What are my risks?

You are not liable to the ATM or Boley Works in any way. The only foreseen risks that a merchant may experience involves their location safety and theft. In the event that having an ATM in your location is a risk, we can either choose to not install the machine, remove it, or set up deterrents throughout the location. If an ATM is broken into or stolen from your location, if property has been damaged or destroyed in the process, your business insurance will likely cover your damages and our business insurance will cover ours. We do not expect you to cover our damages and we do not cover yours.

In regards to protecting your customers' financial information from hack attempts or card readers, we provide additional hardware for free that monitors activity and protects against hack attempts. This is something uniquely offered by us that is not standard practice among other ATM providers. We also inspect our machines regularly to ensure that there is nothing foreign attached to them. 

We also only purchase our ATMs brand new and directly from the manufacturer. This ensures that you and your customers will get the technology needed for the challenges of today. The ATMs we provide are ready for cardless cash technology thereby growing with industry standards over time. 

What kind of benefits can I expect?

You can expect ongoing cost savings when you leave behind card processors and their finance charges. You can expect increased revenue on top of what your customers are already paying you. You can expect peace of mind having no responsibilities to the management or maintenance of the ATM.


You can expect perks and service discounts with the Boley Group including:

  • Information Technology

  • Security Cameras

  • Phone Systems

You can expect perks and service discounts with Blaue Reiter Design including:

  • Website Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Illustration

  • App/Mobile Game Development

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Social Media Management

  • Photo-retouching.

Those are just a few examples of regular, major cost-savings while investing in yourself. 

I am ready to partner with you but ATMs are so ugly. Is there anything we can do about this?

Absolutely! This is a regular concern for our customers. If you find the ATM to be ugly or a disruption to the flow of your business, we can recommend a variety of solutions and strategies to ease the eye-sore. We start by offering our more attractively designed ATMs from the beginning. We then help identify a location in your place of business that will meet security needs as well as design needs. From there, we offer a variety of extra solutions and perks such as custom-designed skins for the ATM that are aesthetically branded to your business as well as Boley Works.

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