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ATM Installation & Management

After Boley Works performs a site survey, approves the location, and comes to a terms agreement with the merchant, ATM selection, installation, and management can begin. For you as the merchant, this process is hassle-free and turnkey.


The terms agreement is a simple, single-page outlining the details of usage, access, and ownership, as well as onboarding/offboarding processes. Boley Works organizes and performs the installation whenever convenient for you. We purchase the ATMs brand new with only the latest technologies; they are all ADA compliant and ready for industry advancements spanning the next decade.


Having a technology and security background in the Boley Group, we are able to provide extra security from hack attempts that our competitors cannot. We also offer you technology services for your business and advanced security cameras at discounted rates. Our security systems are the same systems found in casinos. If there are any technical issues with the ATM, tech hardware, or cameras, we troubleshoot them.

We then monitor, manage, refill, and perform maintenance on the ATM when necessary. You simply promote ATM usage to your customers. 

Merchant Pay-outs

At the end of every month or quarter whichever you prefer, you will collect a check from us. How does this work?


When we set up a terms agreement with you, you receive a certain percentage of profits per transaction gained from the ATM. You choose your pay-out frequency and have regular access to your financial reports. Your percentage rate will meet or exceed the rates of our competitors. We also offer other incentives for signing on with us.


Boley Works takes a majority portion of profits to perform the installation, support, and management. We also own the ATM, therefore we are liable for everything involved with it. We pay you to be in the location. You have no stressful obligations to the management or maintenance of the ATM and it's of no cost to you. You save time and money leaving behind finance charges while gaining additional revenue from the ATM. 

Advertising Space

We give our merchants and other business owners the affordable opportunity to advertise among our ATMs in monthly increments. The rates are flat so there are no surprises or gimmicks and ads run in a non-stop rotation for the entire time that ATMs are accessible to customers.


What sets our advertising space apart from other ATM companies is that we utilize Boley Group's graphic design services to assist merchants and business owners with graphic materials needed. Boley Group is aware of the design requirements needed and can develop the ads for discounted prices. Boley Works places and manages the ads on the ATMs. Merchants and business owners have peace of mind ensuring that their ads are running and running correctly.


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